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Visions of tents dance in my head...

How I love these tents! I doubt that I'll be able to do the draped fabric in the top of the tent, but I really want to. I wonder how much something like that would cost? Anyway, the paper lanterns are a must. I am guessing there has to be somewhere I can buy them online.

the tent

Here are some images of the tent at The Abbey, and pictures of the private patio outside of it. The patio is towards the back, we were told there are usually some lights out there with high-top tables that can be decorated!

the venue

We went to Wisconsin this weekend and looked at 6 different venues. When all was said and done (and we were exhausted) we decided on The Abbey Resort. It had all we wanted - a place for people to stay and relax, an outdoor ceremony site on the lake, and a white tent for the reception. Above is a picture of where the ceremony will take place, and I have several more pictures of the tent and other locations around the resort that I will upload.

The wedding coordinator at The Abbey is amazing, and right now we have August 23rd and September 20th on hold. We'll know the date for sure this week!

Other bonuses of The Abbey are that the tent has heating, air conditioning, and the sides can be taken off so that its completely open. We can decide what we want to based on the weather the day of the wedding. Also, there is a spa on site so that we can all get our nails done & just walk downstairs to get our hair done the day of the wedding. Or a massage, or a facial.....I am getting off track ;) Also, they were the only venue that has a "staging tent" next to the reception tent so that all the food service is done in the background. Because of that, they're also one of the few that can serve plated dinners outdoors.

I will post more when its all booked & obviously let everyone know the date for sure! I have several "tent visions" that I'll share later.

With this ring...a lot is going to happen in the next year! Since my family and friends are scattered all over the country, I thought this would be a good way for everyone to keep in touch about the wedding & to help with decisions (that's if you want to of course!) This way if you get sick of me talking about the wedding you can just close your browser...but I am certain that won't be the case! Plus, this is really like a virtual planner for me and a way to keep track of my thoughts and all of my random ideas. I hope to post everyday, so at the end of it all this will be a good keepsake of all the planning!